ACKS: In Search of the Unknown

Interlude: Berik and Feredir's ACKS-cellent Adventure

After arriving in Marais d’Tarascon, Berik Ironfist the dwarf and Feredir the elf spent some time in the village, making contacts and investigating the strange occurrences.

Feredir investigated the cemetery. He talked with the groundskeeper, witnessed some ghouls arrive at night and break the recently deceased zombie free from his grave, found a clue left by one of the ghouls, heard noises coming from the old, walled-off graveyard, got to know Deruno, the dwarf who runs the general store, drank with Deruno, and went to Shaman Brucian in search of holy water.

Berik Ironfist worked on earning the trust of Shaman Brucian, who eventually shared some details about the string of sudden deaths in recent weeks, beginning with Marcel Tarascon, one of the brothers who run the Tarascon plantation. Berik went looking for Marcel’s brother Jean, who hasn’t taken the death of his twin well, to offer help and his condolences, but was unable to find him at the Tarascon townhouse or plantation. Since then, Berik has been attempting to figure out the meaning of Luc Tarascon’s unintelligible prophecy.

Eventually, the elf and dwarf ran into each other again and began to work together. While out looking for clues, they met Constable Gremin, the local law enforcement officer, as he examined a crime scene. In addition to the recent sudden deaths in which the recently deceased person rises as a zombie, there have been a number of disappearances, many marked by similar scenes: blood stains and a piece of red licorice, but no body. Theorizing that the disappearances may be linked to the Tarascon plantation (many of the missing people worked at the plantation), Feredir and Berik set out to investigate the plantation house. Feredir was able to pick the lock at the servants’ quarters, and they found the house abandoned, with many blood stains throughout the house and dried clumps of dirt about the floor.



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