ACKS: In Search of the Unknown

Interlude: Berik and Feredir's Bog-ACKS Journey

Upon returning from the kobold caves, Berik and Donal Stonehaven felt the need to earn some good karma. They and Feredir decided to make good on the favor they owed to the Church of Pholtus. They met with Misha Devi the priestess to offer their services. Misha explained to them that she had heard of suspicious activities at the Golden Grain Inn of late, and asked that they stay there for a few nights to check things out for her.

Their stay was short but eventful. As the church bells tolled 8:00pm, nearly all of the inn’s patrons got up and left. Suspicious, the party followed some of the townsfolk, eventually zeroing in on the storekeeper from the village’s general store. He returned to his home above the store. Berik and Donal distracted the storekeeper while Feredir investigated the residence, narrowly avoiding the storekeeper’s wife. They learned that the storekeeper does not approved of public drunkenness, he charges extra to sell goods after hours, and he and his wife have a clean, impersonal home. They returned to the inn.

Then, in the middle of the night, they were attacked by a group of men who came in through a secret door. The party won the battle, though the leader of the attackers escaped and Feredir was lamed, taking a sword to his Achilles tendon. The party limped on, tracking the leader (a scarred man named Derek, who they had met earlier in the evening at the inn) to a battered and weather-beaten structure. In the basement, they encountered Derek, along with a trio of troglodytes. Again, the party was victorious.

Searching Derek’s corpse, the party found some nice leather armor and a small key. Upon returning to the inn, they searched Derek’s room, found a locked strongbox, used the key to open it, survived the poison needle trap protecting it, and found some treasure inside.

The next day the party returned to Misha Devi, reporting their findings and giving her some flasks of liquid, possibly poison, that they had found in Derek’s strongbox. They decided to use their newfound wealth to travel to the Free City of Greyhawk to heal Feredir’s wound. On the road, they avoided a wolf pack that was brazenly traveling in the open during the day, attempted (unsuccessfully) to stop a disturbed-looking youth who crossed their path, and nearly stopped to speak to an efreet who followed them the last few miles to Greyhawk City, having taken an interest in Berik. They completed their business in the city and returned home. The return trip was generally uneventful, though they did encounter another adventurer who offered to hire them as henchmen. They refused, and later found that he had picked Berik’s pocket.

Treasure per PC (Berik/Feredir): 2,680gp, and leather armor +1 (Feredir)
XP per PC (Berik/Feredir): 2,244xp (note that this is 100 higher than the estimate)
XP per Henchman (Donal): 1,122xp (note that this is 50 higher than the estimate)


We don’t talk about what happened in Greyhawk City. What happens in Greyhawk stays in Greyhawk.


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