ACKS: In Search of the Unknown

Let's get the ACKS out of here

After a little healing up in Marais d’Tarascon, the party decided to move on toward Port d’Ehlor, a larger town to the north. Along the way, they once again encountered some strange mists and found themselves lost in a swamp, no longer in Ravenloft. After traveling for a day, they came out of the swamp into some hills and made camp.

Late that night, while Berik Ironfist kept watch, the group was set upon by a band of hobgoblins. Berik fended them off while the rest of the party got their bearings, but his heroism was not without cost. The hobgoblins were defeated (thanks in large part to Tyrannyth Serpenthelm’s snake familiar), but a sword to the spine left Berik without the use of his legs.

The party continued on, slowly, until they came to a road. Eventually, a merchant caravan came along, offering to take the battered party with them to the Free City of Greyhawk, for a modest fee. Keyrock of the Cave People took advantage of this situation to cheat his party out of some gold, and the group made it to Greyhawk City.

In Greyhawk, Berik and Keyrock both sought out healing for their wounds. Berik received a good deal from a priest of St. Cuthbert. Keyrock was offered a similar deal, if he would convert and take St. Cuthbert as his personal savior. Instead, he kept his options open and spent more gold for his healing at the Temple of Pelor.

The party took a much-needed vacation for a month in Greyhawk City. Berik found Donal Stonehaven, who he took on as a henchman. Tyrannyth met a barbarian named Olaf Olafsson, who became his henchman. Keyrock was able to make Hans his henchman, and he spent the month training two new wardogs. Feredir attempted to hire a thief henchman but botched the attempt so spectacularly that within a fortnight he found his name slandered throughout the city.

After a month of resting, regrouping, re-equipping, and training, the party decided to set out in search of adventure again.

Treasure: 0 gp
Experience: 20 xp



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