ACKS: In Search of the Unknown

Mor-ACKS of the Reptile God, Parts One & Two

Might need some ACKS-idental death & dismemberment insurance for this one.

Part One (2-21-2014)

As the party continued to investigate the Village and some of its unusual goings-on, Berik Ironfist met with the old hermit who lives on the outskirts of the village. Finally convincing Ramne that the party can be trusted, Berik learned from the old man that a reptile cult is in the process of taking over the village and possibly Blackwall Keep, using some sort of mind control. Ramne offered his help and indicated that Whiskers, his pet weasel, would be able to lead the party to the reptile god’s lair in the swamp. The party accepted his help and set out into the swamp.

After running into a horde of zombies, and later a strangely friendly vampire lord, the party found the entrance leading down into the lair of the reptile god. They promptly fell down the slippery stairs, alerting the guards to their presence, but managed to defeat the cultists anyway. They continued to explore the dungeon, finding rooms of sleeping cultists (who they murdered), a green slime (who they defeated with fire and saltpeter), a couple giant frogs (who didn’t have treasure in their stomachs), a hidden treasure room (which they partially looted), and a harpy (who they somehow managed to kill, though the DM has no memory of this).

Part Two (3-7-2014)

With the harpy defeated, the party used Tyrannyth Serpenthelm‘s snake to slither up to the harpy’s perches and loot the various chains and baubles hanging from the rafters. While most of the party focused on this, the dwarves and Ramne disappeared. The remaining adventurers decided to continue exploring on their own, sans dwarves. Was this wise? Only time would tell.

A few minutes later, the answer turned out to be no. No, it was not wise.

While exploring an empty room, the party was set upon by two tuatara lizards wandering through the dungeon. Tyrannyth managed to shut most of the party in the empty room away from the lizards, but the portion of the party left in the corridor, Killian, Hans, and Keyrock’s remaining war dogs, were killed. Their corpses were either swallowed whole or dragged off to be eaten later.

Deciding the dungeon might be a little too much for the remainder of the party, they ran away from the dungeon like the bunch of little girls they are. Despite being joined by a lost cleric from another land who offered to accompany the party back to civilization, the wilderness turned out to be as dangerous as the dungeon. A dozen kobolds managed to ambush the party, and before the last kobold died, Tyrannyth, his snake familiar, and Keyrock’s animal companion Simba 2, were killed. The surviving party members dragged the bodies back to civilization, took a quick trip to Free City of Greyhawk, and restored Tyrannyth and Simba 2 to life.

As they recovered in Greyhawk City, the party spent much gold and got into a little trouble. Feredir maintained his reputation as a hero to be avoided by henchmen, but he also gained notoriety as a wrestler. Keyrock and Tyrannyth hired new henchmen, Hagan and Gaius.

Treasure: 659gp per PC (don’t forget to pay your henchman)
XP: 819 (Feredir, Keyrock, and Tyrannyth), 586 (Berik), 293 (Donal)



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