ACKS: In Search of the Unknown

Mor-ACKS of the Reptile God, Parts Three & Four

Let me explain…no, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Part 2.5 (3-21-2014)

  • The dwarves and Ramne, forgotten by the others in the harpy’s lair, continued exploring the dungeon. They found stairs leading to caverns and killed many things before returning to the upper levels of the dungeon to drink and recover.

Part 3 (3-21-2014)

  • Some of the others returned quickly from Greyhawk City to help the dwarves. After the dwarves sobered up, the combined party ventured into the caverns below and killed many things, including the reptile god herself, a spirit naga named Explictica Defilus. Ramne revealed himself to be something of a mage, and his protection spell kept the entire party from being killed by Explictica’s initial assault. The fight was still a close one, with the naga able to both charm and poison her enemies.
  • The party rescued some prisoners, and the whole group left the dungeon to return to Blackwall Keep. Along the way, they ran into a troll and his troglodyte followers. The party attempted to flee, but the pursuers caught up and nearly destroyed the party. Somehow, none of the party were killed, though Donal is not the man he used to be, and one of the elves they rescued from the dungeons didn’t make it. Also, Ramne turned out to be a less effective mage than the party had hoped when his wand backfired on the party, and an unidentified love potion quaffed in desperation nearly made for some uncomfortable moments between a dwarf and a troll.

Part Four (4-4-2014)

  • The reptile god’s hold over the village broken, the heroes returned to Blackwall Keep as big damn heroes. However, the surviving followers of the naga who had not been charmed quickly moved on to a new master at a nearby castle called the Moathouse. The party decided to nip this new cult in the bud and set off for the Moathouse.
  • The full party traveled to the Moathouse, killed some giant toads and a giant spider, killed some troglodytes, met a kobold who was not a kobold, rescued another batch of prisoners, killed some men who had been Explictica’s chief lieutenants, and encountered a gargantuan blue dragon who turned out to be an illusion, and killed the not-kobold after he was polymorphed into a large green dragon. The party then found a huge pile of treasure in the square tower room of the castle, though as yet no one has taken any of it.



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