ACKS: In Search of the Unknown

Ogres and Ghouls and Bugbears, Oh My!

Ogre You Glad I Didn't Say ACKS Again?

While Feredir, Tyrannyth Serpenthelm, and Guy “still no last name” inexplicably volunteered to secure the perimeter of the Moathouse, Berik Ironfist and Keyrock of the Cave People decided to investigate the large pile of treasure the group recently found.

The dwarves were determined to take every precaution before walking into a trap. First, Berik attempted to sense evil among the treasure. He sensed none. Then, Donal Stonehaven walked up to the treasure and started fiddling with it. This, naturally, activated the trap door beneath the treasure, causing it and Donal to fall forty feet into the lair of a hungry ogre.

The fall nearly killed Donal, who, let’s admit it, had already suffered enough. Nevertheless, he rose and fought the ogre, but was knocked unconscious after one hit. Fortunately, Berik used this time to secure a rope, and he and Hagan quickly climbed down to join the fray before the ogre could throw Donal into his pantry. Keyrock reluctantly joined them, leaving Rommel the dog alone in the room above. Hagan also fell prey to the ogre, taking a nasty club to the face. It seemed the ogre would win, but at the last moment, Rommel launched his own air strike, leaping forty feet onto the ogre and killing it. Rommel lost an eye, but Keyrock insists that the eye patch just adds character.

The treasure turned out to be mostly intact. Some items had been destroyed by the fall, including a box full of potions, jars of spices, and crates of glassware and fine porcelain. Others were damaged but still valuable, such as monster horns and pieces of ivory. The coins and gems remained intact, however, and the party found a number of magic items among the treasure as well. The party also found that the only clear door leading out of the ogre’s lair led to his “pantry”, which held a pair of humans who claimed to be merchants and a gnome named Wally. The merchants promised to send large rewards to the party after they reached their homes in Dyvers, and they left. Wally gave a plain iron ring to Berik as thanks for saving him.

The party found a secret door leading into a dungeon corridor, but rather than risk their new-found wealth by continuing toward unknown dangers, they used their ropes to haul the treasure out through the trap door and immediately went to the Free City of Greyhawk to cash it in. They didn’t bother to look for the rest of the party before leaving the Moathouse.

While in Greyhawk City, the party spent much gold on booze, women, and fancy hats. Some folks get drunk and boast of plans to take a road trip; Berik and Keyrock chose a road less traveled and instead boasted of their plan to overthrow Prince Kesa, a particularly ruthless crime lord and possible candidate for Lord Mayor of Greyhawk. We’ll see if that comes back to haunt them.

Deciding there must be more wealth to be found beneath the Moathouse, the party left Greyhawk City and returned to the dungeon. Further exploration led them to a bugbear lair and a tomb that was home to some ghouls. Somewhere along the way, they must have set off a trap of some sort, because they found their exit barred by a huge iron portcullis. With no other choice but to continue deeper into the dungeon, the party next encountered a water weird, which nearly drowned Berik and others. No matter the damage they inflicted on it, the water kept reforming and attacking. Fortunately, Berik was eventually saved, and he destroyed the water weird with a purifying spell.

Still no sign of the rest of the party.

10,338gp each for Keyrock and Berik (don’t forget to pay your henchmen)
6,892xp each for Keyrock and Berik (don’t forget to add +5/10% if appropriate)
3,446xp each for Hagan and Donal (don’t forget to add +5/10% if appropriate)

Staff of Healing , taken by Keyrock
Stonereaver Armor , taken by Berik.
Elven Cloak , reserved for Feredir
Unidentified Bow , reserved for Feredir or other party member



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