Anara Finn

Daughter of a traveling merchant


Daughter of the traveling merchant Reginald Finn, Anara makes the rounds with her father. She is a capable merchant and adventurer in her own right, and she has plans to run away with a handsome young mercenary who has been helping guard her father’s caravan.

Update: Anara’s handsome young mercenary was recently killed by an undead slasher, and she was kidnapped by the beast, who attempted to turn her into one of his army of ghouls. After the party rescued her, she helped kill the slasher. Unfortunately, her father was killed. Now Anara plans to continue her father’s business.

Update: Anara had been captured by a band of troglodytes and was being held prisoner at the Moathouse. The party freed her while clearing out the Moathouse.

Anara Finn

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