Human Barbarian (level 2)


Level 2 Barbarian

18 hp, AC 6 (7 with shield) [when raging: AC 4 (5 with shield)]
Str 16 (+ 2), Int 7 (- 1), Wis 9, Dex 16 (+ 2), Con 18 (+ 3), Chr 15 (+ 1)
Base movement 90’, combat move 30’, charge/run 90’
Petrification/Polymorph 14+, Poison/Death 13+, Blast/Breath 15+, Staffs/Wands 15+, Spells 16+

Iron-shod spear 7+, 5+ if raging (1d6+3 damage)
Iron greataxe 7+, 5+ if raging (1d10+3 damage)
Short bow 7+ (1d6+1 damage)

Proficiencies: Berserkergang (p.59, + 2 Attack, immune to fear, -2 AC, cannot retreat, must fight until combat is over), Navigation (+ 4 to avoid getting lost in the wilderness), Climbing
Class abilities: Natural proficiency (climbing), Animal reflexes (+ 1 to initiative/surprise rolls), naturally stealthy (-1 to opponents’ surprise rolls), savage resilience (roll twice on mortal wounds table and take better roll, subtract level from number of days to recover from mortal wounds), animal magnetism (+ 1 to morale of henchmen/mercenaries in his employ)
Actions: Open Door 10+, Detect Secret Door 18+, Hear Noise 18+, Find Traps 18+, Climb Walls 5+

Equipment: chain mail armor, iron-shod spear, iron greataxe, kite shield painted with house crest, dagger, short bow, quiver with 20 arrows, wool tunic and pants, fur cloak, leather belt, high boots, backpack, silver arm-bands (25gp value), silver amulet (25gp value), 50’ rope, grappling hook, wineskin, 1 weeks’ iron rations, 8gp.

2,600xp, earns +10% xp


Hagan is a young housecarl from the North, out to prove himself before returning home. He hopes to one day lead his own men and build his own chieftain’s hall, but for now he will ally himself with a paying employer who promises adventure and the chance to hone his skills.

Hagan recently accepted an offer to serve as henchman to Keyrock of the Cave People.


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