Nathanial Greenstone

Human Mage


Level 1 Mage
Str 6, Int 18, Wis 9, Dex 11, Con 16, Chr 10
6hp, AC 0
Class Abilities: cast arcane spells,
Spells: 1st level (1/day), choose from sleep,
Proficiencies: Familar, Collegete Wizardry, Alchemy (x2), Knowledge (History).
Languages: Draconic, Ancient Baklunish, Old Oeridian
Equipment: Mage robes, travelling cloak, mage cossack (formal), hood, boots (fine ),Staff, spell book, ink, waterskin, lantern and 1 pint oil, tinder box, 6 torches, 2 weeks standard rations, 3 pints rare wine, backback, 35 gp.

Familar: Muninn the Raven
Proficiencies: Loremastery (x2), Mimicry, Lip Reading,


The youngest son of a minor noble from the city of Greyhawk, Nathanial never had the strength or martial proficiancy of his older brothers. Bookish his whole life, he was shipped off to the Mage Collage by his Lord Father at a very young age. He grew up surrounded by books and learned men, and there he learned the basics of magic.

But he grew bored with the school, and wanted to experience the wide world. He left the college four years ago, against his fathers wishes, and was disowned as a result. Now he seeks his own fortune, in the hopes of someday being accepted by again by his lord father.

Nathanial was killed by a giant toad on October 18, 2013.

Nathanial Greenstone

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