Olaf Olafsson

Barbarian henchman


Level 1 Barbarian
9hp, AC 3
Str 18, Int 9, Wis 9, Dex 8, Con 14, Chr 10
Base movement 120’, combat move 40’, charge/run 120’
Petrification/Polymorph 15+, Poison/Death 14+, Blast/Breath 16+, Staffs/Wands 16+, Spells 17+
Greataxe 7+, 1d10+4 damage
Proficiencies: Berserkergang, Intimidation, Climbing
Natural proficiency, animal reflexes, naturally stealthy, savage resilience
Open Door 6+, Detect Secret Door 18+, Hear Noise 18+, Find Traps 18+, Climb Walls 6+
Equipment: Chain mail armor, greataxe, rough-spun wool tunic and pants, leather belt, low boots, backpack, 2 weeks’ iron rations, 3gp
0xp, earns +5% xp

Update: lost a hand 12-13-13. Must obtain a one-handed weapon to use until he can get his life and limbs restored.


Olaf Olafsson claims to be exiled son of Olaf the Great, who nearly unified the Frost Barbarians as a single nation. His father was slain in battle, and Olafsson left the North to avoid meeting his father’s fate. Now he travels the world, earning treasure and making plans to return and finish his father’s work. He will only work for someone as long as he is able to earn enough treasure to further this goal.

Update: after losing a hand on 12-13-13, Olaf chose to leave the employ of Tyrannyth Serpenthelm.

Olaf Olafsson

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