Prince Kesa

a crime lord in Greyhawk City


Class/level unknown. Race unknown, likely human. Believed to be male. Stats unknown. According to rumor, he is equally proficient with sword, dagger, and bow.


Few details are known of Prince Kesa, though tales of his ruthlessness abound.

Rumors persist of the enmity between Kesa and Xander Oldvine, Mayor of the Free City of Greyhawk and head of the Greyhawk Thieves’ Guild. Kesa holds a high rank in the guild as well, though his official position is less clear.

According to one old storyteller, Kesa and Oldvine joined the Thieves’ Guild around the same time and quickly began moving up the ranks. By all accounts, Kesa was the better thief, better, warrior, and better politician. But while Oldvine spent all of his time working for the guild and building connections with locals, Kesa disappeared for months at a time, always saying he needed to get back and preside over his realm. No one in Greyhawk knows where his realm lies or if he is indeed a prince, but it’s best not to challenge him on this point. Eventually, Oldvine was made a member of the directing oligarchy of Greyhawk, then mayor, and shortly thereafter managed to secure his position as guildmaster. Around this time he and Kesa had a falling out, and Prince Kesa retreated to his own neighborhood, the Foreign Quarter of the city. A tacit agreement was reached, wherein Oldvine and his guild left the foreign quarter alone, and Kesa continued to pay the guild its share for his district.

No one else can confirm this story, but there are rumors spreading that, with the mysterious death of Mayor Oldvine, Prince Kesa is consolidating his power as a likely candidate for guildmaster. Additionally, he appears to have taken a place among the city’s directing oligarchy, and could be on the short list for either Captain General of the Watch or even Mayor. In any case, he is not someone to be trifled with.

Prince Kesa

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