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  • Milcrusk

    Milcrusk, which translates to "wizard's ice" is rumored to have been a powerful magical artifact at one time. However, it is said that Milcrusk was used to seal a portal deep in the Corusk Mountains, locking away an ancient evil forever. In doing so, it …

  • Ephraim's Leathers

    Previously owned by Ephraim, the old caretaker at the lodge on Crystal Lake. Given to the party as a gift after they killed the slasher and broke the curse that had kept Ephraim trapped for over twenty years.

  • These kobolds are a pain in the ACKS!

    After arriving back at [[Blackwall Keep | Blackwall Keep]], the party decided to continue working for the [[Cairn Hills Militia | Cairn Hills Militia]]. The new members of the party accepted militia positions and were encouraged to patrol with their …