Tag: NPC


  • Reginald Finn

    A traveling merchant who earns a living by making the rounds among the Cairn Hills outposts, supplying goods from [[Free City of Greyhawk | Free City of Greyhawk]]. He travels with his daughter, [[:anara | Anara]]. Update: Finn was killed by the …

  • Anara Finn

    Daughter of the traveling merchant [[:finn | Reginald Finn]], Anara makes the rounds with her father. She is a capable merchant and adventurer in her own right, and she has plans to run away with a handsome young mercenary who has been helping guard her …

  • Misha Devi

    The first cleric of Pholtus the party has met. Lives at the Temple of Pholtus in the village near [[Blackwall Keep]]. The party (specifically [[:keyrock-of-the-cave-people]] and [[:veredir]]) owe her a favor.

  • Ephraim

    A former adventurer, Ephraim was cursed to remain at Crystal Lake until someone destroyed the undead slasher and his wight mother.

  • Prince Kesa

    Few details are known of Prince Kesa, though tales of his ruthlessness abound. Rumors persist of the enmity between Kesa and Xander Oldvine, Mayor of the [[Free City of Greyhawk | Free City of Greyhawk]] and head of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild. Kesa …