Tag: deceased


  • Killian

    Killian was a tracker for the Cairn Hills militia until an officer's wife took notice of him. The officer made allegations about inappropriate behavior, and Killian was discharged. He doesn't know any life beyond tracking and fighting, so he's looking …

  • Reginald Finn

    A traveling merchant who earns a living by making the rounds among the Cairn Hills outposts, supplying goods from [[Free City of Greyhawk | Free City of Greyhawk]]. He travels with his daughter, [[:anara | Anara]]. Update: Finn was killed by the …

  • Nathanial Greenstone

    The youngest son of a minor noble from the city of Greyhawk, Nathanial never had the strength or martial proficiancy of his older brothers. Bookish his whole life, he was shipped off to the Mage Collage by his Lord Father at a very young age. He grew up …

  • Hans


  • Cat

    Worked for [[:finn | Reginald Finn]] as a guard. Killed instantly after suffering an energy drain from a wight in combat. His companions ensured that he would not rise as a wight himself.