The village surrounding Blackwall Keep is primarily a collection of businesses catering to the keep’s garrison and area farmers, though there are a few residences as well. The buildings range from shabby wooden shacks to large stone structures, and more than a few of the businesses seem to be permanently closed.

Most prominent among the buildings are the Church of Pholtus, Golden Grain Inn, and Inn of the Feathered Serpent.

Signs hanging outside other buildings include a spinning wheel and loom (weaver); a gem-encrusted ring (jeweler and moneychanger); a needle piercing the seat of a pair of pants (tailor, appears closed); a pot, plow, sack, and lantern (general store); and a wooden board in the shape of a saw (carpenter).

A few other buildings have no signs, but are clearly a stable, a blacksmith shop, and a millhouse.


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