Berik Ironfist

Dwarven Craftpriest


Level 2 Dwarven Craft Acolyte
Str 10, Int 17, Wis 18, Dex 12, Con 17, Chr 13
10 hp, AC 8
Class Abilities: Turn Undead
Race Abilities: Craft: Weaponsmith, Sensitivity to rock and stone (Detect Traps when underground), Theology, +3 to proficiency rolls for other proficiency learned.
Effects: Shell Shocked: saving throw against paralyzation for 1 one round when confronted with sudden loud noises or bright lights.
Religion: Moradin, god of the Dwarves
Spells: One lvl 1
Proficiencies: Magical engineering, Healing, Knowledge (History), Diplomacy, Seduction
Languages: Common, dwarvish, kobold, gnome, goblin
Equipment: Plate mail, great axe, 2 weeks rations, backback, lantern, lantern oil, 50’ rope, craftmans tools, holy symbol, Monk’s Hammer, Boar’s Head Shield, Treasure Map, Tarascon Signet, scroll of ward against elementals



Travelling the world, seeking out lost treasures on behalf of the faith and looking to do the good work of his god wherever he goes

Berik Ironfist

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